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Computer, LCD, CRT & Electronics Recycling  in the Detroit, MI Area

Metro Computer Group is a leader in recyclingcomputers, laptops, LCD as well as CRT monitors in the Metro Detroit area. Why recycle your old equipment, you may ask? Computers, CRT monitors and LCD monitors contain lead, mercury, cadmim, lithium as well as other heavy metals and toxins. In addition, your computers may also contain private data about yourself, your business and your customers. Clearly, disposing of old computer equipment is not the answer. The solution is to properly recycle such equipment. At MCG we will properly recycle and dispose of any old computer equipment in the Metro Detroit Area.


The Recycling Process

At our computer service & recycling center, we test all equipment that we receive. Many systems can be refurbished with other parts we have available, and data properly disposed (8x U.S. military grade hard drive wipe). Refurbished systems can be donated to schools, charities, churches and other worthy causes or re marketed.  Our number one goal is to reduce how much ends up in the landfill by utilizing our Zero Waste policy.That means, no PCs or Displays are destined for land fill disposal.


The systems and computer equipment that have reached an absolute end of life point, are sent to a high volume shredding facility, where they are reduced to components and automatically sorted. Through this process, over 90% of your computer is reclaimed in the form of metal and plastic, which will be further refined into new products.

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